About Kit James

Kit James spends half his life laughing and the other half getting what amuses him down onto the page.

Kit’s stories are mostly about dogs and rock ‘n roll, and the quirky, funny side of life.

Elliott C. Cool is his cheeky canine narrator in the much-loved comedy fiction series for dog-lovers. It’s a humorous dog story with a twist – a hi-jinks adult comedy about how a former Pound dog deals with human greed and manipulation.

Coming to live in Australia with his parents in the 1970’s, Kit was adopted by a stray dog. With his new companion, so began his love of dogs and all things canine.

Kit has always been fascinated by charisma, satire, and by what makes people laugh.  The thrills and spills of advertising and Show Biz take centre stage in all his writing – unless a talkative dog with character has already taken that spot.

Kit, his wife, ‘Kat’, and his dog Kaboodle live in one of Australia’s wine-growing regions. Reading, good friends, food and wine are his other passions.

If you’d like to connect with Kit, he’d be delighted to hear from you.

Dogs and Rock ‘n Roll – what more d’ya want?