What readers say about Reality Barks.

Author Elaine Bertolotti wrote this 5-Star Review:

Kit James has done a fantastic job of letting us into the world of canines. Elliott’s unique way of thinking and his striking good humor is a delight.  Each dog he writes about has a particular charm and personality. I particularly like Charlie, the wise old dog who befriends our hero in the dog pound.

This book is such an enjoyable one that I read it all in two days!

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading the sequel.

Cheers and 5 stars to the author who is an expert in writing such humorous canine dialogue. I loved it!!!

Like all dogs, Elliott understands about love, but it seems Jamie doesn’t – he can only see the dollars! This means trouble…

Rescue dog Elliott has morphed from tatty mutt to being a TV Mega Star. In his new star persona, he now refers to himself as Elliott C. Cool. He has starred in a TV commercial as a pirate, and he’s caught everyone’s attention at the Footy Grand Final. He’s been fired from the Biffo Chunky Yums TV campaign and then won thousands of followers in his social media campaign  to “Bring Back Elliott”. And now he’s back in his latest starring role as Best Dog in Three Dogs and a Wedding. There are lots more laughs and surprises – guaranteed! It’s the craziest wedding in town.

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