Three Dogs and a Wedding #3


When you adopt a dog into your family, for us it’s always for life. We will love you forever. No ifs or buts. All you have to do is feed us and take us for walkies. That’s it. Well, OK, cuddles, pats, brushing and lamb shanks are always appreciated too.

The best day to be Best Dog

Rescue dog Elliott is making his big comeback when Jamie gets him to train the other dogs for the new TV commercial. Whoever heard of a dog training other dogs? Elliott gives it his best shot. It helps that all the other dogs are his dog buddies. There’s Toto, the Brindle Fox Terrier, Jason the Boxer, Spike, the Tibetan Mastiff, Brian Boru, the jolly giant Irish Wolfhound, and of course, his co-star, Hedy, the glamorous Afghan Hound. Elliott also enlists his true doggie love, Alison, the Airedale Terrier. The ad, with Elliott as Best Dog, is a big hit, but Jamie has a devious secret plan.

He’s scheming to turn the wedding of the famous rescue dog’s other time share couple into a televised moneymaking event, with Elliott as Best Dog at Paul and Adriana’s wedding.

It’s not going to be easy. Like all dogs, Elliott understands about love, and he’s already helped rescue Paul and Adriana’s romance, but it seems Jamie can only see the dollars.

Jamie schemes to fix it with everybody, not just the bride and groom. First, he’s got to convince Adriana’s traditional Italian family, and the old priest, to approve of Elliott as Best Dog. But that’s only the start. Then there’s his American dog-food client, Noot, the TV people, plus all the other human stars and their celebrity dogs, Hedy, and Belmondo, the handsome wussy Doberman, as well. Things get pretty tricky, but luckily, Jamie’s got Elliott on his side. The celebrity mutt saves the day, and it becomes the craziest wedding in town… and Elliott even manages to get his photo on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald!

Elliott tells-all in his own humorous, quirky way – clever dog!