Where will you be this Christmas?

Somewhere nice I hope. I saw on TV that it’s really cold at Christmas-time in some parts of the world.

In Australia, Christmas is a big part of our summer holidays. That means I’ll be having time off from making TV commercials for Biffo Chunky-Yums, but I expect Jamie will have me making appearances at shopping centres in the run-up to Christmas, like he did before. Jumping through hoops. Yikes!

I overheard Jamie and Penny talking with Adriana and Paul about heading up to Killcare, to their time share house on the beach.  That means their time share pooch, that’s me, will be catching up with my dog pals Alison, my love interest, and Jason, my dumb but faithful buddy.

Actually, being a time share dog does have its benefits at Christmas-time. More treats and doggie gifts.

I wonder what I’ll get this Christmas?  Usually Paul and Adriana put more thought into it than Jamie and Penny. 

Right now I’m over in Cremorne at Paul and Adriana’s, enjoying a light doggy snooze while Paul works at his computer. Adriana is sitting nearby, playing with her phone. 

Something wakes me, and when I look up I see that Paul has pictures of doggy stuff on his big computer screen.. 

‘Hey, Adriana,’ he calls, ‘look at this one – it’s battery-operated.  Elliott’ll love chasing it.  See, it whizzes around popping out kibble treats.’

Adriana looks up from her phone. ‘What site are you on, Paul?’

‘This one,’ he shows her.

After a little pause she says, ’Hmm. I think we should get him a crocodile.’

A crocodile, yikes!

She gets up from her chair and shows her phone to Paul.

‘Hey, that’s really cool.’

‘Or there’s a shark.’

‘Does it bite?’ he asks.

Cue theme from Jaws.

‘Don’t be silly. I think it just squeaks. Which one d’you reckon he’d like?’

‘Let’s ask him,’ Paul says.

‘No, it’s supposed to be a surprise!’

So much for that!

I’d much rather have some of those amazing lamb shanks Adriana cooks for me.

I’ll do anything for a big dishful of those lamb shanks – as long as I’m not asked to be Santa Paws!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Doglovers,


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