June 24 is official Take Your Dog To Work Day

Elliott is delighted to be joining Adriana at her new job at Geraldine’s. This means, of course, that Elliott will be seeing Hedy every day. She’s the famously beautiful Afghan and his co-star in the Biffo Chunky-Yums TV commercials, in which Elliott is the hero. She’s Top Dog at Geraldine’s. Will Elliott take this lying down?

It’s such a dog-friendly workplace because Geraldine and her team design and test new toys for dogs. It’s got a magic roof garden where all the dogs get fresh air and play with the new toys. Many of them are educational toys, which Elliott , who thinks he’s super-cool, really loves.

Soon Geraldine, Adriana and their team will be embarking on a new secret project. Adriana will be tasked to make sure Jamie, the incurable advertising schemer doesn’t find out about it.

Watch this space…

Meantime let’s tune into some of the fun things that Adriana and her co-workers joke about…

“Thanks fur your quick reply to my email.”

“Let’s paws the meeting for a second and look at how cute my dog is.”

“Is it paws-ible to send me that report now?”

“I’d like to trans-fur all my calls to my dog today.”

“Sales are going through the woof.”

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Reality Barks

Reality Barks

Rescue dog faces the reality of his unusual new life.

It’s a humorous Australian rescue dog’s tell-all tale about how he becomes a celebrity and wins their love.

Wagging The Dog

Wagging The Dog

Rescue dog to the rescue!

Being a celebrity dog is sooo cool, thinks Elliott as Jamie leads him out at the Sydney Stadium with all the other TV animal stars

Three Dogs And A Wedding

Three Dogs and a Wedding

The best day to be Best Dog is Valentine’s Day.

Like all dogs, Elliott understands about love, and he’s already helped rescue Paul and Adriana’s romance, but it seems that Adman Jamie can only see the dollars.

Every Which Way But Home



Curious to know how Elliott (or Barney, as he was in his former life) ended up in Barranyup Dog Pound, way out west in Woop Woop?  For Sydneysiders, Woop Woop is their way of describing anywhere beyond where they are generally prepared to go. For Barney it was also a strange environment, where survival was a matter of life or death. Discover how he learns to deal with it in "Every Which Way But Home". It's the prequel to the Mutt to Megastar series.

Mutt To Megastar Box Set

Mutt To Megastar Boxset

A rescue dog’s funny story.

From Kit James, recognised for his humorous canine dialogue, comes a fun compilation of the first three books in the Mutt to Megastar Series.

Every Which Way But Home

Every Which Way But Home


Jolted from his cozy life when he accompanies his Boss, Ian, on an ill-fated trip, Barney is thrown into the unfamiliar world of Barranyup Dog Pound. Getting lost was his own fault – he's got nobody to blame but himself, as he admits. There's nothing worse for a dog than feeling sheepish! 

Now that he's been incarcerated, the smart-arse young mutt must use his wits and his 'smarts' to survive this hostile environment.

Stunned and disappointed that Ian doesn't show to take him home, Barney's got to deal with his new situation. Can he learn to use the system under the guidance of Charlie, an ancient scarred Blue Heeler who takes him under his paw?

Or will it be "Bye, bye Cruel World" with Doc Soper's needle?

And then ... will there be life and love in a new home after the dog pound? Find out how it all happens in Every Which Way But Home, the humorous, yet touching, prequel to the Mutt to Megastar series.

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