Mutt To Megastar Box Set

Mutt To Megastar Boxset

A rescue dog’s funny story

When a rescue dog is first adopted he has no idea what awaits him in his new life. Will it be good or bad? That’s all Barney worries about. But sharing his new life between two families, living in two different homes, well that’s an eye-opener. Re-named Elliott, he’s a mutt of a country dog discovering city life in Sydney. But that’s only the start of it, and, boy is his life about to change big time.

From Kit James, recognised for his humorous canine dialogue, comes a fun compilation of the first three books in the Mutt to Megastar Series.
Praise for the books included in this Box Set:
“Very entertaining, with a fresh, new perspective.” Jessie Riley.
“Cheers and 5 stars … humorous canine dialogue. I loved it!!!” Goodreads author, Elaine Bertolotti.
“Dog Lovers Must. You’ll be his biggest fan!!” Arlette Madenlian

Reality Barks, Book 1: Rescued from the Dog Pound by four slick Time Share adults, Barney, a country mutt, is transformed to become ‘Elliott’, a metro dog. If that’s not confusing enough, one of them, Jamie, the Ad man Alpha Male of the foursome, has plans to turn Elliott into a moneymaking TV star. Could be tricky! Elliott’s unusual gift is that he can read auras, as well as understand everything that’s said to him. It’s a heart-warming comedy played all the way for laughter and tears, with a surprise ending.

Wagging The Dog, Book 2: Elliott fears he’ll be sent back to the Dog Pound because he and Jamie have been fired by the dog food company. Elliott’s starring role as a pirate dog in the Biffo Chunky Yums Ad campaign didn’t last long, did it? Will he end up being a one-hit wonder? You’ll laugh all the way as Elliott digs deep to learn some risky new skills and tricks. Team Elliott, Jamie, Penny, Paul and Adriana, pull out all the stops, and the drama goes right down to the wire on a sunny, Aussie Christmas Eve.

Three Dogs And A Wedding, Book 3: With his TV star dog back on the screen again, Jamie cooks up a new get rich scheme. This time he’s plotting to have Elliott as Best Dog at Adriana and Paul’s traditional Italian church wedding so that he can turn it into a moneymaking media event. There are family objections to overcome and plenty of nail biting thrills and spills on the way to the altar! But Elliott and his TV dog-star mates, Hedy, the beautiful Afghan, and Belmondo, the slinky Doberman, are a class act. Wait and see how our canine hero discovers it’s the best day to be Best Dog!

Summary: A rescue dog tells his story about his new oddball life as a Celebrity Time Share dog. Humorous, insightful and unexpectedly candid, this dog’s purpose is to entertain you. If you love W. Bruce Cameron and Spencer Quinn’s dog characters, then Elliott C. Cool is the dog for you.

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