Wagging The Dog

Wagging The Dog

Rescue dog to the rescue!

Being a celebrity dog is sooo cool, thinks Elliott as Jamie leads him out at the Sydney Stadium with all the other TV animal stars, Hedy, the glamorous Afghan Hound, Belmondo, the handsome wussy Doberman, and an elephant named Maisie. Elliott loves being out there, wagging and winking to the cheering Grand Final crowd at Half-Time. But, when suddenly he and Jamie both get fired, he starts wondering if he’ll end up being just another One-Hit Wonder?

It’s certainly beginning to look like it. First, this rescue dog’s romance is looking rocky when Alison, his Airedale sweetie, dumps him for “the dog next door”, boring Max, the Brown Kelpie. Then, when Elliott’s humans start squabbling and cheating on one another, the pooch even ends up being taken to a dog psychologist. But when his four humans decide to work together to get him reinstated with their brilliant social media campaign, he shows them the way, and things start to turn around. They make a pact to become Team Elliott, and then they do it–brilliantly! Their bond of family and friendship is focused on saving Elliott’s career, and Elliott’s is to be the rescue dog that rescues them. The nutty social media video they create together is the icing on their campaign. Watch the cool way Elliott doggie-paddles his way out of trouble, thanks to the support of all his fans. Elliott tells-all in his own humorous, quirky way – clever dog!

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