Wagging The Dog

Wagging The Dog

Celebrity dog Elliott C. Cool finds he?s up against a new challenge when his TV contract is suddenly dropped.

Is he going to be just a One-Hit Wonder? Will he be sent back to Barranyup Dog Pound now that his future is under threat?

It?s all Jamie?s fault. He?s the smartarse adman Alpha Male in Elliott?s human pack of Timeshare owners. And it?s all because Jamie?s over-confidence gets the better of him.

So now Elliott is no longer the star of the Biffo ChunkY-Yums TV commercial, and just when he was beginning to enjoy being a celebrity!

What?s a street smart, out-of-work, TV star dog going to do?

Why, do his level best in the ?Bring Back Elliott? social media campaign that Jamie and Timeshare off-sider Paul get going! For this Elliott is going to have to learn new tricks.

It?s a risky business!

But there?s even more trouble on the horizon!

Elliott has to play a game of cat and mouse subterfuge. How does he do this? Why Method Acting, of course! He?s watched so many old movies. Nice one Elliott.

But how will it all end?

Elliott has all the answers waiting for you in ?Wagging The Dog?. 5-Star Customer Review
Arlette Madenlian
5.0 out of 5 stars Love, Love, Love!,,
Loved reading Reality Barks (Book 1) and this book is equally entertaining, memorable and well written. This book is a must read for any dog lover or anyone down on their luck. With a little persistence, passion and belief in yourself anything is possible – just ask Elliot!


Elliott , the pirate star of a dog food ad on TV, is staged to continue on his outstanding career. Jamie, one of his co-owners, is all for providing new adventures for Elliott.  Of course, he mainly does it for money, but somehow Elliott plays along, as long as they give him nice goodies to eat.

I love the image of Elliott sitting in the middle of the backseat of Jamie?s SUV, ?looking like a doggie Emperor.? His doggie friends, as well as Ginger the inquisitive cat, are back to help him resist living in the zany world of humans. 

Cheers and 5 stars to the author who is an expert in writing such humorous canine dialogue!